Bluff City vascular

Interventional Nephrology & Vascular access center

Based in Memphis, Tennessee 

Omar Davis, MD. 
Natarsha Grant, MD.

a cutting edge. modern. soulful approach to patient care. 

We believe that treating patients requires a thorough, holistic understanding of the patient's lifestyle habits, as well as their previous medical history. Recovery and improvement is highly dependent upon lifestyle, and how the patient cares for their well-being. Diet, exercise, and mental health are all important indicators of health and recovery. Not all diseases are visible. and they can be indicated by monitoring changes in the patient's lifestyle or daily habits. At Bluff City, we value treating the patient's condition with hefty consideration of  how they tend to their health.

treating the patient as a whole, not just their condition.


dr. Davis & Dr. grant are board-certified nephrologists that specialize in amputation prevention, chronic kidney disorders, and vascular access creation. 

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We Save Lives by Saving Limbs.
Not Every Case is a Cause for Amputation.

Quality of life is valued at Bluff City Vascular. Most of our patients suffer from serious vascular diseases that impact their mobility, energy levels, and their ability to live a life without limitations. We strive to provide our patients with cutting-edge care, that helps them return to their everyday without looking back. 

some of our services

Dialysis Vascular Access Procedures

Non-Surgical AV Fistula Creation

Management and treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Management & treatment of Venuous 
Reflux Disease

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- Mr. Tindell

Your ability to capture the emotions and love shared between us and our families was nothing short of remarkable.

"These doctors are my guardian angels. I truly cannot thank them enough. I tell them all the time how grateful I am."

- Mr. curry

"I didn't want to live. Dr. Davis was the only one that understood the kind of pain I was in."

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Showing our patients a realistic depiction of the care that they will receive creates and cultivates trust. We value treating our patients with unparalleled care from the minute we shake their hand to the moment they wake back up from their procedure. 

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